The Mohawk Valley Region continues to build a diverse pipeline of small, mid-size, and large development sites in various stages of readiness.  To accomplish this, EDGE and Herkimer County IDA mounted a regional effort to advance strategic sites toward pad-readiness, with the assistance of National Grid.  The three sites are:


16-acre site located in the Griffiss Business & Technology Park off of Ellsworth Road.  Formerly a US Air Force Base “alert apron,” the site is owned by Griffiss Local Development Corporation (GLDC) and has undergone substantial environmental investigation and remediation.

Enterprise Way Marketing Package

Enterprise Way Tax Incentives for Building Here

Enterprise Way Conceptual Site Plan

Enterprise Way Wetlands Report

Enterprise Way Stormwater Analysis

Enterprise Way Preliminary Survey Results

Enterprise Way Environmental Resource Mapper

Enterprise Way Aerial Photo

Enterprise Way Preliminary Geotechnical Evaluation Report

Enterprise Way Phase I ESA (Draft)

Enterprise Way Geotech Locations

Enterprise Way National Wetlands



166-acre site in the Schuyler Business Park off of Drive-In Road.  Formerly an organic corn farm, HCIDA recently acquired the site and has initiated preliminary site intelligence efforts to date. 

Schuyler Marketing Package

Schuyler Conceptual Site Plan A

Schuyler Conceptual Site Plan B

Schuyler Survey

Schuyler Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Schuyler Percolation Test

Schuyler Contours

Schuyler Wetland Preliminary Report

Schuyler Vehicle Trip Generation Report

Schuyler Stormwater Analysis

Schuyler Prelminary Geotech Report

Schuyler Planned Development District

Schuyler Floodplains

Schuyler Cultural Resources



67-acre site in the Oriskany Business Park off of Judd Road.  Formerly a farmstead, the site is currently owned by the County of Oneida and has been vacant for decades. 

Judd Road Marketing Package

Judd Road Geotechnical Report

Judd Road Survey and Topo Map

Judd Road Phase II ESA

Judd Road Phase II ESA Report – ASTM

Judd Road Wetlands

Judd Road Vehicle Trip Generation Analysis

Judd Road Stormwater Analysis

Judd Road Schematic Plan

Judd Road Regional Context



Fueled by youth, diversity, and raw entrepreneurial energy, nowhere is the evidence of real transformation more tangible than downtown Utica. The largest city in the Mohawk Valley region is also the most diverse, infrastructure-rich, and most ripe for investment — which is why EDGE continues to focus resources on Utica’s urban core. Leveraging local talent and leadership, EDGE has asserted an advanced role in waterfront and main street revitalization efforts in downtown Utica.
Mohawk Valley EDGE is helping to spark transformation in Rome’s urban core through area-wide planning and brownfield revitalization. Building on the momentum of the Rome Brownfield Opportunity Area, EDGE is assisting the city with area-wide planning, strategic site development, and business assistance.