Whether you’re a site selection consultant advising a company, conducting an in-house search for your own firm, or a local business looking to grow here, EDGE’s economic development team has the resources and information you need to make your next site location decision. From our suburban business parks to our urban centers to our historic towns and villages, contact us to learn about individual sites that will fit your needs.


Fueled by youth, diversity, and raw entrepreneurial energy, nowhere is the evidence of real transformation more tangible than downtown Utica. The largest city in the Mohawk Valley region is also the most diverse, infrastructure-rich, and most ripe for investment — which is why EDGE continues to focus resources on Utica’s urban core. Leveraging local talent and leadership, EDGE has asserted an advanced role in waterfront and main street revitalization efforts in downtown Utica.
Mohawk Valley EDGE is helping to spark transformation in Rome’s urban core through area-wide planning and brownfield revitalization. Building on the momentum of the Rome Brownfield Opportunity Area, EDGE is assisting the city with area-wide planning, strategic site development, and business assistance.