Whitesboro Youth Science & Tech Academy Starts Second Year

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July 29, 2019

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Whitesboro Youth Science & Tech Academy Starts Second Year

To prepare the future workforce for the region’s growing opportunities in Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics, Mohawk Valley EDGE and partners Whitesboro Central School, Mohawk Valley Community College, Bank of America, and National Grid launch a Youth Science & Tech Academy.

Whitesboro School District students in grades 6-8 will tour Danfoss, Indium, Griffiss Business and Technology Park, National Grid and other local businesses to learn more about science and technology opportunities in their own backyards. They will participate in projects and activities relevant to a variety of STEM fields and meet professionals from area businesses. Students will not only discover real-life STEM applications, but they will also make connections with local professionals and industry leaders.

“The Science & Tech Academy project is vital in helping Whitesboro’s students maintain high grades and higher aspirations in a time when science careers are more important than ever,” said Steven J. DiMeo, EDGE President. “Through motivating and exciting educational enrichment programs, we can begin to close the academic achievement gap faced by some students and maintain learning throughout the year. We look forward to launching this program to give local youth the greatest chance to succeed in our region.”

As part of the Academy’s STEM 101 and STEM 102 camps, students will be exposed to a range of science and tech fields from rocketry to nanotechnology to renewable energies and more. EDGE has worked with MVCC, the Whitesboro CSD, businesses in the related industry fields, and National Grid to interject the importance of nanotechnology and advanced electronics in the district with the development of the Marcy Nanocenter. The success of the inaugural program launched last summer at the Whitesboro Middle School, promoted organizers this year to add another week of programming to build on the interest and skills from last year’s program.

DiMeo noted the long-term benefits for the region are unmeasurable given Oneida County’s growing clusters of science and tech-based employment. “The program is a timely intervention to aid the aspiring STEM professionals in taking advantage of these fulfilling and high-wage careers.”

The Academy focuses on areas of rocketry, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and unmanned aerial systems (drones) to help students recognize the basic academic level they need to attain to succeed in technical careers, and to acquire the motivation needed to pursue careers in the science fields.

“The Youth Science & Tech Academy is a tremendous opportunity for students who are interested in pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to engage with professionals and get hands on experience,” said Edward White, Executive Director, National Grid Foundation & Vice President, US Community Giving. “The Mohawk Valley workforce and leadership of tomorrow is being developed today, and the Youth Science & Tech Academy is where it’s happening.”

As an additional complement, EDGE and MVCC are working with the Whitesboro Teachers’ Center on a Progression of Learning Effort. A program is being introduced to train the teachers about hands on teaching in the areas of STEM that is similar in topics, albeit more brief, that the students will experience during the camp. The training will kick off this spring so that in the fall the students will have a learning experience that is built on a progression of STEM and nanotechnology topics that are age specific. The long-term goal of this project is also to replicate the camps at various sites/schools throughout Oneida County, reusing the curriculum developed and the insights gained from the pilot project.

“The Whitesboro Central School District is very pleased to be able to partner with Mohawk Valley EDGE, MVCC, Bank of America, and National Grid for the second year to provide our students in grades 6-8 with skills and concepts required for future high-tech science careers,” said David Russo, Whitesboro Central School District, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Accountability. “The topics and learning experiences that take place at the Science and Tech Academies not only build upon our student’s existing knowledge, but helps to take learning to the next level with hands-on opportunities in fun and exciting ways. We would like to thank our partners in helping to provide this wonderful experience for our students.”

“Bank of America is thrilled to support the Youth Science and Tech Academy. In an increasingly technology-based world, an understanding of STEM concepts is critical for the success of our future workforce. By encouraging students to develop and maintain interest in STEM subjects, the Youth Science and Tech Academy will help to prepare the next generation of researchers, scientists, programmers and other technology professionals to be better critical thinkers and to discover creative ways of solving problems,” said Michael Brunner, Central New York Market President. “At Bank of America, we are proud to partner with Mohawk Valley EDGE, the Whitesboro School District, Mohawk Valley Community College and National Grid on this important program.”

“Career Camps provide the right instruction, equipment and facilities for kids to enhance their interests, talents and skills in new areas,” said Franca Armstrong, MVCC Associate Vice President of Workforce Development and Dean of the Rome Campus. “Through true partnerships with organizations that all care, this camp was a great opportunity for those students to discover, develop and increase their abilities in the STEM Field.”

For more info on EDGE’s work with the business and education community: https://www.mvedge.org/annual-report/

Mohawk Valley EDGE is a private, not-for-profit corporation that provides a coordinated economic development program in Oneida County. As an integral part of the long-term effort by the public and private sectors, EDGE works to strengthen opportunities and open the door for new businesses and industries to locate and grow within the region.

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On-site Contact: Sarah Vivyan, svivyan@mvcc.edu

Oneida County Program Income Grant

Oneida County Program Income Grant Objectives 
The objective of the 2018 Oneida County Program Income Grant Program (the “Program”) is to help startup and existing companies provide new jobs opportunities, keep existing jobs and, ultimately, broaden the tax base of Oneida County, New York. This Program will also incorporate a technical assistance and training component with grant dollars from the NYS Department of Housing and Community Renewal.

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(ROME, NY – August 21, 2018) Last week in Chicago, IL a representative from Mohawk Valley EDGE (EDGE) and other Upstate New York partners participated in their second Consultants Connection Summit of the year. Consultant Connect bridges the gap between leading economic developers and location consultants, providing a platform to gain valuable feedback, helpful insight and lasting business relationships.

Over the course of two days, EDGE connected individually with 17 regional location consultants, keeping a one-on-one ratio on both days. Meeting directly with site selection consultants in this intimate format allowed EDGE to discuss workforce development, location strategy, and industry diversification as it relates to the Mohawk Valley region specifically. The event focused on how to take advantage of the current site selection landscape in the midst of ever changing geo-political relations and how international tariffs are impacting company site selection decisions.
“This effort by Mohawk Valley EDGE truly demonstrates the organization’s breadth of services for the entire Mohawk Valley and allows the staff to keep up with shifting trends, form relationships, and refine our assets,” said EDGE Board Chair David Manzelmann. “Participating in these smaller more individualized events proves EDGE’s commitment to not just attracting large-scale nanotechnology companies, but showcasing our region to all industries.”

Through exclusive, educational networking events and services, Consultant Connect not only gives economic developers an inside look into the world of site selection – it gives them the applicable intelligence necessary to propel their communities forward. EDGE utilized National Grid Marketing Program grants to attend both Consultants Connect Summits this year.

About EDGE:
Mohawk Valley EDGE is a private, not-for-profit, regional economic development corporation serving Oneida and Herkimer Counties. EDGE is an integral part of the long-term effort by the public and private sectors to strengthen opportunities for existing businesses and open the door for new businesses and industries to locate, grow and invest in the region. Find us on Facebook or visit www.mvedge.org for more information.
CONTACT: Mohawk Valley EDGE; Jennifer Waters; 315-338-0393

About National Grid:
National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company that supplies the energy for more than 20 million people through its networks in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain.
National Grid is transforming its electricity and natural gas networks to support the 21st century digital economy with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions. Read more about the innovative projects happening across our footprint in The Democratization of Energy, an eBook written by National Grid’s US president, Dean Seavers.
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About Consultant Connect:
For more information, please visit www.consultantconnect.org or call 269-207-4982

EDGE Q2 Update

Each quarter EDGE presents to its Board of Directors a summary update on its activities over the past quarter. These are focused around business support, business development, the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council, and the redevelopment of Griffiss Business and Technology Park. Interested in what EDGE has accomplished over the past few months? Check out our Q2 update. To view online, click HERE or on the image.

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Each quarter EDGE presents to its Board of Directors a summary update on its activities over the past quarter. These are focused around business support, business development, the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council, and the redevelopment of Griffiss Business and Technology Park. Interested in what EDGE has accomplished over the past few months? Check out our Q1 update. To view online, click HERE or on the image.

Small business lending reenergized in the Mohawk Valley


Friday, February 9, 2018
For immediate release:
Small business lending reenergized in the Mohawk Valley

When small businesses and entrepreneurs fail to qualify for bank loans in the Utica-Rome area, they traditionally have limited options, until now. The Utica Industrial Development Corporation (UIDC) is reinventing its alternative lending in the form of microloans through a strategic partnership with national nonprofit and SBA lender Accion.

“Utica Industrial Development Corporation has been successfully providing gap financing loans to small businesses in the region for over 55 years,” said UIDC Chairman John Snyder. “While our model has a proven record of success, the gap in access to capital has been a huge barrier for many of the small businesses and entrepreneurs that are currently seeking assistance.”

Accion has a 25 year track record of closing the capital gap with microloans and financial education resources around capital. The partnership with UIDC will allow them to provide more of these important resources to Utica’s small businesses.

“Capital is important, but just as important is the one-on-one support we can provide business owners through this partnership. That guidance is so important to an individual’s ability to access the right capital, and invest it in the long-term success of the business,” explains Matt Revere, Manager of Lending for Accion. “Our partnership with UIDC will ensure we’re doing all we can to create success for local businesses.”

Utica Industrial Development Corporation was certified in 2016 by the US Treasury Dept. as a Community Development Financing Institution. This federal certification is provided to organizations that emphasize community and economic development in economically distressed communities. UIDC’s status as a CDFI means that it will be placing increased focus on lending activity in the inner-city areas of Rome and Utica, as well as the villages of Herkimer, Mohawk, Yorkville, and New York Mills, to name a few. While UIDC loans have traditionally gone to industrial and professional commercial businesses, its CDFI status allows UIDC to now participate in mixed-use developments. Additionally, through UIDC’s partnership with Accion, UIDC can now facilitate assistance to retail and consumer service oriented businesses.

“Startup capital in smaller dollar amounts is often difficult to access. We look forward to an increase in microlending in the Mohawk Valley region as a result of this new partnership between Accion, an SBA microlender, and UIDC. With technical assistance provided by UIDC and financing provided by Accion, the business owners will enhance the opportunities for success,” said Steven DiMeo, President of Mohawk Valley EDGE. Mohawk Valley EDGE provides staff services to Utica Industrial Development Corporation.

Learn more about how the partnership can help your business at www.mvedge.org.

A nationwide lender with deep community roots, Accion creates economic opportunity by partnering with small business owners to provide access to capital and the business support they need to create and grow healthy enterprises and contribute to thriving local economies. Since 1991, Accion has lent over $500 million to more than 59,000 businesses and provided more than 520,000 entrepreneurs with advising services. For more information on Accion small business loans in the United States, please visit us.accion.org.

Utica Industrial Development Corporation:
Formed in 1962, Utica Industrial Development Corporation encourages the location and expansion of industrial and manufacturing capacity, the creation of new and improved job opportunities, the reduction of unemployment and the betterment of individual and community prosperity within the Counties of Oneida and Herkimer, NY. Their goal is to provide advice, technical, and financial assistance to businesses and promote economic growth and business prosperity in the region.

Mohawk Valley EDGE:
Mohawk Valley EDGE (Economic Development Growth Enterprises Corporation) provides a coordinated economic development program that assists your businesses to locate, grow and prosper in Oneida and Herkimer Counties.

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